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Certified Hypnotherapy Training School (CHTS) is known for its Clinical and Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Innovations and Protocols and their Effectiveness with Clients! (Please see the client Testimonial.)

If you are serious about being competent at assisting your clients achieve life changing results with Clinical Hypnotherapy then CHTS training's and protocols are the Right choice for you….

We Are About Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Competency,

Confidence, and Effectiveness with Clients!

We want you to represent yourself well as a clinical hypnotherapist, represent hypnotherapy well as a profession, and represent CHTS well as a graduating student. We mostly want the public to receive the benefits they are hoping for utilizing Hypnotherapy and a Hypnotherapist trained at CHTS. Therefore, we do all we can to ensure your competency. Please see all the advantages of certifying here, below, like Free auditing, and 24-7 online video library access with over 2000 hours of additional training's and much more. You can attend at the school in Farr West, Utah or online from anywhere you have internet access with our live fully interactive broadcast system!

Please review the information below and on the rest of the website. Then give us a call to discuss our flexible attendance and finance options: Dennis (801) 628-0693.

New video message from Dennis to graduated and current students of Certified Hypnotherapy Training School. He is encouraging students to be competent and help promote hypnotherapy, overall. We are also introducing Chris and Jenelle, who are coming aboard to continually improve operations and marketing systems.

More Benefits!

See what Deanne a School Psychologist has to say about her experience as a student at CHTS.

You will know how to assist clients to overcome unwanted emotions:

anxiety, fears, anger, stress, extreme discouragement, hopelessness, and so forth.

You will know how to assist clients with stress induced illnesses: migraine pain and other emotionally induced pain, stress induced illnesses can be assisted and many times eliminated such as: allergies, asthma, IBS, and others caused by dis-ease in the mind.

You will be able to assist clients in personal performance: sports performance enhancement, public speaking, sales call reluctance, improve self-confidence, enjoy enhanced study and test taking abilities, and do in-depth subconscious personal problem solving. You will be able to assist clients to enjoy overcoming deviant habits in their personal behaviors, such as loose weight and weight management, stop smoking, overcome pornographic influences, desensitize from past abuse and much, much, more.

You will learn real Clinical Hypnotherapy with protocols that really work!

You will help clients discover the underlying negative predominant thought beliefs that are holding them back, that are fixated in the subconscious mind. CHTS teaches you how to assist your clients to 'Feel Better' and achieve their dreams and goals! Clients only keep coming back for more sessions as they continue to incrementally 'Feel Better' with each new session. You will have the training and skill's to get it done!

You will know how to teach your clients Positive Mind Management skills, utilized as new mental skills and tools, facilitating them into emotional stability. Clients learn to manage their own mind, and be in control of their formerly out of control emotions and behaviors!




-Save time

-Save money

-Enable permanent change and improvement

-Teach and coach people to govern them

-Foster independence and self-sufficiency

Mind Management teaches new mental and emotional skills which are used as new tools to help people of all ages and backgrounds overcome and be free of:

-Fears and phobias including :

-Separation anxiety & homesickness

-Fear of Rejection

-Fear of the unknown

-Fear of the future, and so forth

-Self-limiting beliefs

-Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues – “I am not good enough”

-Shut down and eliminate useless mind chatter

-Debilitating mal-adaptive behaviors

-Conquer Pornography and Self-abuse

-Sleeping difficulties

-Weight loss issues

-Smoking cessation

-Gambling and electronic game playing

-Other unwanted and damaging time wasting behaviors

-Desensitize emotions from abuse and past traumatic experiences

-Grieving and other unresolved issues such as death of a loved one, divorce, abandonment

-Eliminate Hopelessness, Desperation, Despair, Feeling Stuck and Inhibited

-Stress Reduction

-Learn relaxation skills that give rejuvenation to the spirit and the body

-Overcome psychosomatic induced illness caused by emotional stress

-Non-medical solution for ADD and ADHD – Increase focus and concentration

-Pain Control – Both Acute and Chronic – Painless Child Birthing – Migraine Headaches

Student Story

My name is Brandy Brandon and I am a full time student at Dixie State University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with plans to go on and receive a PhD in Neuropsychology.

In November of 2013, my father sent me a link to a presentation by a man from the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farr West, Utah. I put it off continually believing it would be a waste of my time, I finally gave in the first part of January 2014. After I listened to it, I was intrigued so I looked around on the website and learned that Dennis was currently holding school sessions right here in St George, so I called him up immediately and asked him a few questions, then set up a time to go and attend one of the classes to see what I thought. I was there for one day, and was immediately hooked. I was so amazed by what had taken place and in the short amount of time, that I knew it was for me.

I love psychology and how it affects the brain however I couldn’t see myself helping people by sitting in an office session after session accomplishing very little. So when I saw Dennis work through an hour and a half session and seeing a noticeable change in the client when he was done, I knew that I was going to become a hypnotherapist.

I got home and went online to research all of the schools across the country to see how they compared to the Certified Hypnotherapy Training school. There was no other school like this one. The professionalism of the school was far beyond any of the others. The amount of training you receive and the availability of instructors to help you out were just a few things that stood out.

I signed up, but I was only able to attend a few classes while Dennis was in St George so I took the books and began reading Spiritual Mind Management in between the classes I was able to attend. As well I listened to White CD’s for weight management and Self Esteem. I was not prepared for what happened to me. The book gave me a well thought out and easily understood explanation of the process of Spiritual Mind Management, (SMM is being re-branded to Positive Mind Management). And the CD’s began drawing the issues I was ready to deal with. When I was finally able to attend the summer courses, it worked well for me because I was able to attend the courses on line from 400 plus miles away.

I met so many people, made so many friends and witnessed many transformations including my own right there in the classroom. It was hard work and Dennis was a tough instructor making sure that we knew the material, but more importantly were comfortable using it. He stands behind his process and for good reason, it really works.

I finished my training and became certified through ACHE. I immediately started to have clients call and set up appointments. They were hearing that the amount of time it took to work through your issues was very minimal. I had a client who was finally able to confront the pain in her feet and located the reason for it. Another client is a well-respected lawyer who needed help with his lack of focus only to clear issues he didn’t even know had existed. A lady who learned of her adoption was able to see things differently when she was done. Working with spiritual mind management techniques has allowed my son with autism to see people in a different way than he had before, becoming less offended in social situations and being able to make good friends.

I am a single mom raising 3 teenage boys, one who has autism and an 8 year old daughter. This program allowed me to have more time with my kids as well as help them in their lives. Dennis has continued to be a mentor for me even after my certification was finished which helps with my confidence to continue to do this great work and help people everywhere.

Brandy Brandon

CHTS - Our programs allow you to start the online portion today, and finish the live classroom training's at your own pace.

We help you make your scheduling conflicts work!

Is CHTS the right school for you?

We understand that making a commitment to learn hypnotherapy is a serious decision. You should feel confident that the school you choose is right for you and will adequately train you in the therapies with which you choose to specialize.

A description of the training you will receive at CHTS is available on this site, ( Curriculum) . We hope this this will help you make an educated decision about attending CHTS.

We believe CHTS hypnotherapy training's offered are the best educational value for your investment.

Here are many reasons why:

1- Our Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy techniques are not taught anywhere else.

We are known for our unique Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy techniques which are our innovations, as we have developed them over the past 28 years, (Spiritual Mind Management in now being re-branded as Positive Mind Management.). They are extremely powerful in freeing people from behaviors associated with: problems sleeping, overeating, fears and phobias, excessive electric game playing, viewing pornography, unresolved grieving, psychosomatic induced illness, and desensitizing abuse.

2- We offer FREE auditing of our coursework for up to a year after registration.

This means you could conceivably take our training in person at the school or as an online student up to 4 times – potentially a value of more than a thousand hours of classroom attendance for one price! While this is beneficial for those who like to review information more than once, many students return just to sit in on the live client case study hypnotherapy sessions on Workshop days that are accomplished as part of the coursework. We will train you and train you until you are competent, effective, and confident as a hypnotherapist!

Each series of courses differs somewhat from others in that students and case study clients come in with different behavior-producing background stimuli. Returning students like being able to review the school’s proprietary and unique hypnotherapy techniques as they are utilized live in each client case study session.

3- Our registration package includes an extensive School Video Library with over 1,000 hours of additional training.

Students spend hundreds of hours observing live sessions, as mentioned above, yet also have the convenience of being able to review processes, procedures, and protocols online. Especially helpful for Hypnotherapists who are first starting out, you can refresh your memory just before starting a new pain control or stop smoking session.

4 – We offer prepayment discounts and can arrange finance options that will work for each student.

CHTS offers a [10%] discount when tuition is paid in full in advance. We also reduce rates for parents, grandparents, and others who want to learn our proprietary techniques to help their families and loved ones.

NOTE: The reduced tuition option does not result in certification and is not available to people with psychology degrees, coaching credentials, or therapist licenses. It cannot be extended to social workers or to anyone who does professional counseling.

5 – Three weeks of full-time post-certification hypnotherapy work could pay for the cost of your school tuition and fees.

Hypnotherapists earn an average of $50 – $100 per hour in our geographical area. (Utah) Approximately 100 hours of hypnotherapy work with paying clients provides enough potential income to cover all of your courses and training expenses. You then can start a lifetime of ongoing income potential!

6 – The quality of our certification process is recognized Nationally and by Insurance Companies.

One of the best indicators of the quality of hypnotherapy training is whether major insurance companies offer professional malpractice insurance policies to the individuals being certified. The certifying organization for Certified Hypnotherapy Training School (CHTS) is the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners or A.C.H.E. Their training certificates are recognized in all 50 states and in 21 countries, both by insurance companies and government agencies.

7 – CHTS offers flexible attendance options.

You can attend in person, or you can attend online in a full experience virtual classroom setting. We record all classes for your convenience so you can make up missed classes. With this process, you never miss anything!

8 – CHTS teaches these concepts and principles from a Christian background and understanding

The reason we teach from this basis is that this is all about our spirits mind and overcoming 'thinking errors'. It is our spirits mind that thinks and controls the brain. The brain is the body part that connects the mind of our spirit to the physical body, and then the brain operates as the frequency center controlling the body electric, or energy as we like to call it. What you will learn here at CHTS is the ultimate in energy work, as you learn to assist yourself and others manage our minds belief system thoughts at both conscious and subconscious levels. Thoughts are frequencies in the brain, and the energy generated by these thoughts are what is identified as emotions, emotions are the immune system frequencies that either promote positive healing, or negative energies knocking the normal immune frequencies off regular healthy frequencies and creating dis-ease or disease. When you learn to assist your clients cleanse their negative thoughts, you are re-setting compromised immune frequencies back into frequency states of health and healing.

I present hypnosis and hypnotherapy when done correctly from my view point as pondering and meditation as taught in the Bible. I teach this information from a Christian background of Bible information and additional teachings and scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Everyone who learns and applies these new Positive Mind Management unique processes understanding it from this spiritual perspective overcome their problems, and as they are enlighten with this information.

Dennis is speaking at the Firm Foundation - Book of Mormon Conference this past April

He explains how hypnosis and hypnotherapy is pondering and meditation when done correctly and explains how other forces in life that we exposed to as humans are having effects on us. Dennis give a clear explanation of how the mind works and the benefits of using hypnotherapy for stress/worry induced illnesses and overcoming such behaviors as pornography.

We call it learning from the inside-out. If you feel inclined to study more of what you are learning here, then maybe this is part of your path of learning and healing as well, and the way you are to assist others, because these processes really work!

Listen to what Jana has to say as a massage therapist and energy worker,

who now also provides Clinical Hypnotherapy services to her clients.

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