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ACHE Founder & Exec Director

ACHE Founder Gil Boyne

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, was a Living Legend - almost a cult figure! In 1980, Gil Boyne founded the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) which has become the largest State Chartered non-profit organization of its’ kind. He has worked with numerous state legislatures to fight restrictive laws & has been the consistent inspiration in leading the profession to upgrade its educational standards. As well as creating a new approach to hypnotherapy practice, Gil Boyne has been the right man at the right time & the entire profession will be forever in his debt.


Gil Boyne was a Mentor to many including W. Dennis Parker - CHTS, PMMS & PMMCC Hypnotherapists Guild Founder & CEO. Dennis became acquainted with Gil in 1993 through attending the annual ACHE conferences. They became friends when Dennis applied to have ACHE school approval in 2003. Gil would call Dennis several times throughout the year to discuss conference subjects and ask how his school was coming. Dennis attended Gil’s Master Classes and other trainings Gil has offered. Gil asked Dennis to be a Conference presenter in 2004, and since then he has been a speaker & workshop presenter for many years at the International Hypnotherapy Conferences.


Learn from the acknowledged “Master of Hypnotherapy”. On 26th May 2009, a group of 34 people from around the world – countries including Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland, Dubai, Switzerland, Australia & the USA – met in London for 4 days.


What was it that brought these people together? An opportunity to learn from a man who has become a legendary figure in the profession & is acknowledged as the most successful clinical hypnotherapist in the world today… Gil Boyne. What is more, he has been presenting his Master Classes throughout the USA & worldwide for more than thirty years. With more than 55 years in the hypnotherapy profession, Gil Boyne’s teachings have started the careers of over 12,000 hypnotherapists worldwide & his original & radical thinking has shaped the practice of modern hypnotherapy. As a hypnotherapist, Gil Boyne has helped many thousands of people. Acclaimed in the media, his news articles & stories have been published in 32 languages & 340 media publications.


One of the best-known leaders in the profession says:


"I was fortunate to take Gil Boyne’s hypnotherapy training in 1968. As I continued developing my career, he was exceptionally generous with his guidance and wisdom. After ten years of practice, In 1978, I founded one of America’s first state-licensed hypnotherapy schools & my therapy & teaching is strongly influenced by Gil Boyne, as are my three books. His live therapy films are an important part of an advanced level of my classes & I am grateful for his mentoring over the years.”


- Randall Churchill, Co-Director, Hypnotism Training Institute of Northern California.



Here is what one of America’s Most Renowned Hypnotherapists & Success Coaches says:


"Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel toward Gil Boyne. Approximately 20 years ago I attended his classes in hypnosis/ hypnotherapy. Without a doubt, studying with Gil Boyne was a true turning point in my life. His knowledge, ability & ease of style are incomparable. He is indeed the Teacher of Masters & the Master of Teachers. Most of the best known & successful workers in our field started with Gil Boyne. The investment that I made in his courses has come back to me in millions of dollars. For anyone looking to build a solid foundation in hypnosis/ hypnotherapy, make the pilgrimage and study with Gil. You will thank yourself for the rest of your life."


- Marshall Sylver Hypnotherapist, Motivator Author -“Passion Power & Profit” Las Vegas.


"Gil Boyne, who has become a living legend in the hypnotherapy world, takes his students on a journey of true emotional & spiritual transformation. Gil is the only therapist who has videotaped a comprehensive library of his successful hypnotherapy sessions & follow-up interviews. The videos are shown to students on a giant screen & interspersed with Gil’s insightful commentary. Gil’s unique “Transforming Therapy,” shows its potency in liberating clients from a wide range of emotional traumas & physical ailments. His charisma & personal magnetism & total belief in “Transforming Therapy” is worth far more than all the techniques, & theories of hypnosis which abound. The videotapes, sets of audiotapes, books & manuals given as class materials made this course an incredible value. This is one training course that I can recommend with absolute confidence”


- Donald Robertson Exec. Director, UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.


"Gil Boyne is a Master! He made a powerful and lasting impact on me, both as a teacher and as a friend. His brilliance continues to be felt globally through his personal work and the work of his many gifted students."


- George Bien, teacher/ trainer, practices in New York City and teaches throughout Southeast Asia.



"Dear Gil, you are still the greatest Hypnotherapist there ever has been! Your professionalism will always be the level to which I aspire. I can never thank you enough for all the help & inspiration you have been to me over the years. Training with you has been the major highlight of my life. God bless you & all my love,"


- Arone Eldan, BA. CHT. St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.



"Gil is one of the true pioneers of Clinical Hypnotherapy training with 55 years of experience in the field & having trained over 12,000 hypnotherapists worldwide. He has worked with many stars of the entertainment & sports worlds including Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, & many more… Gil has also worked with the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets) on a special mission, “Operation Velvet Hammer”. His teaching methods, based on videotaped real therapy sessions, often left me breathless. He is truly a “World Class ‘Master” who still attracts people from around the world to his Masterclasses I am proud & privileged to be his protégé."


- Andrew Hughes Hypnotherapist, Chesterfield, U.K.

 📌 For more info on Gil Boyne: Visit ACHE Website 



ACHE Executive Director - Dr. John Butler

ACHE Executive Director -

Dr. John Butler

Dr. John Butler [PhD (Med Sci., Lond.), MBSH, MBPsS, MA, BA(Hons.), BSc(Hons.), DHP, Dip AT, CHT, FNRHP & Registered with UKCP, EAP, BAS, ACHE] is a highly regarded Hypnotherapist with over 35 years of verifiable professional practice & over 30,000 hours of clinical experience. He has used hypnotherapy in a great variety of professional settings & been a therapist to to many high-level performers in the performing arts, the media & business.


Dr. Butler has also been a highly regarded teacher of Clinical Hypnotherapy for over 25 years. He chose to begin his Hypnotherapy Teaching Career only after he had gained 10 years of extensive Clinical Practice & has been a hypnotherapy educator to a wide variety of health professionals including writing & tutoring the first official training in hypnotherapy in the NHS in 1992, teaching at the Royal College of Nursing in London.


Dr. Butler trained in Experimental Neuroanatomy, Neurosurgery & Neuroscience Methodologies & carried out research in medical science specializing in the field of Neuroendocrinology, in which he holds a Doctoral Degree from the University of London. He has lectured in higher education for over 20 years & has taught Medical Psychology, Neuroanatomy & Medical Neuroscience in Medical Education. He has taught Psychological Therapies specializing in Clinical Hypnosis for over 20 years as well, teaching in both the UK & internationally.


Dr. Butler is also an Instructor in Hypno-surgery, teaching Clinical Hypnosis Applications to Surgeons & Anesthetists in a course accredited by the Royal College of Anesthetists. Along with this, he has taught Dental Hypnosis to many Dental Professionals & written many articles on the subject for Dental Publications. He is the Principal Instructor for Hypnotherapy Training International which operates training programs internationally. Plus, he is an Approved Hypnotherapy Instructor for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) along with several other accrediting bodies.


Dr. Butler received an “Excellence In Teaching” Award from the ACHE in 2008 & then a “Lifetime Achievement” Award for his work in hypnotherapy in 2011 along with multiple other awards from different countries honoring him for his contributions to hypnotherapy.


Dr. Butler has been a speaker on performance improvement for major businesses including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, BUPA, Ernst & Young, etc & has acted as an expert witness & as an advisor to the police in legal cases involving hypnosis.


His work was first filmed over 20 years ago & since then has been reported on many times in the media, including a major BBC Television Series, “Mysteries”, in 1997 & Channel 4’s breakthrough Live Broadcast with John Butler using hypnosis as a sole anesthetic while surgery was performed on a patient in April 2006 (“HypnoSurgery Live”, More 4 / Channel 4 TV).

Since then he has made over 30 media appearances as an Expert in Hypnotherapy with several TV Programs focused on his use of Hypnotherapy as an Anesthetic for chronic pain & in invasive surgeries. Along with TV appearances, he has written & contributed to many articles featured in both the mainstream press & for professional medical journals. Plus he is the author of many books including the popular “Secrets of Hypnotherapy” (Pub. Dorling Kindersley).


All in all, throughout his extensive career Dr. John Butler has been most influential in establishing the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as a legitimate healing method in both the minds the general public as well as in the view points of Health Care Professionals across the world. His Clinical work has proven that with Hypnosis you can harness the power of the mind & learn to control pain levels sufficiently to undergo surgical procedures, without chemical anesthesia.


CHTS Founder & CEO W. Dennis Parker was interviewed by Gil Boyne & John Butler in 2003 to qualify as an ACHE Board Approved School Operator, Instructor & Hypnotherapist Examiner.


For More Info on Dr. John Butler:

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