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There are two kinds of pain, one acute, and one chronic. Pain is screaming at you to get your attention, it wants you to make an adjustment, to take your hand off the stove, to do something different in life.

Acute pain is the here and now pain. You stub your toe, ouch, jump and scream and grab your foot. Chronic pain is likely to be from an emotional aspect. When we carry emotions with us, such as fear, anxiety, and stress, we carry with us the creation of pain. Strong emotions release hormones in the body due to a thought we have. Those hormones can reek havoc in the long run and leave us with pain, physical pain, the kind of pain that keeps you from walking right, pain. So how does hypnotherapy help with pain?

Hypnotherapy is a state of mind which allows us to become aware of our emotions. Once we discover the emotion that is causing our pain, we can then begin to make the adjustments necessary in our life so the pain can go away. Hypnotherapy also helps with acute pain.

Two years ago I was in a car accident with my two younger kids in the back seat. I was T-boned in an intersection going 40+ miles an hour. The other car was an older gentlemen that claimed the light had turned green for him. My kids were ok, thank heaven, but I was in rough shape. I had two broken ribs and my spleen was bleeding. I went home though, convinced that I didn't need the hospital, but because of some hoaxing from my wife I took a visit to the hospital.

I was asked what pain medication I wanted, "We have a room right next to you, full of pain medication, and you can have any one." I told them I didn't want any, I was fine. They looked at me strangely and asked, "Are you sure?" I was in a state of trans, I had been since the accident and my mind was keeping off the pain. I told them I was a certified clinical hypnotherapist and I would be able to manage the pain on my own.

I had to stay in the hospital for three days none the less. So I sat, and I kept myself in a hypnotic state until my mother came to visit with my sisters. I decided to get up and take a walk with them. Once up, I was instantly taken with the pain. I hadn't really felt it in the two days I had been there. It was not overwhelming, and I knew that I could handle it even if I wasn't in a hypnotic state by then.

Chronic pain, such as migraine pain, can be driven by an emotional aspect and may be resolved quickly. Back pain, knee pain, joint pain, stomach pain, these all can be emotionally driven too. Even the pain women feel during child birth can be driven by the emotion of fear, but once relaxed and in a hypnotic state, the body knows what to do to give life to a knew born baby, with minimal discomfort. Some women even smile through the process. We cause ourselves pain by not knowing how to deal with our emotions, or by ignoring them and stuffing them away.

Dealing with the pain can save you from discomfort, save you from distress and losing more time. Your mind can help you manage any pain you may be going through, and with hypnosis there are no side affects, except maybe - better sleep! I track my sleep every night to see how many REM cycles I have, and when in the hospital, with two broken ribs and a bleeding spleen (in a hypnotic state), I got some of the best sleep I had had in months. Learning hypnosis is beneficial, no matter who you are, or what pain you may be experiencing.

Chris Parker CHT

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