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Sutton Clinical Services






First of all, I want you to know that I was a huge skeptic before I saw your work. I was relating hypnotherapy too much to what you see in the stage shows. At our office, we provide counseling to children, adolescents, and adults, most of whom have suffered great traumas in their lives. In many cases, the mental health therapies we were using were not helping them overcome their trauma symptoms as quickly as we would like. When you offered to come to our office once a week, although I didn‘t have high expectations, I agreed.


I was so surprised at the rapid and amazing results I saw on that first day. My husband had struggled with guilt and extreme sadness due to the death of his son eight years earlier. This was the first thing he chose to work on. In less than a half-hour, his sadness was replaced with a sense of peace and acceptance. The guilt was gone and he was able to think of his son without reliving the trauma of his death. This is just one example, but there are many others just as dramatic.


Thank you, Dennis, for opening my eyes to a very useful and effective treatment approach. I have changed from a skeptic to a believer and am delighted with the results I have seen with the clients that you worked with as well as the ones that I am now, working with using hypnotherapy. I appreciate your hypnotherapy school and the in-depth training that you give.




Patricia Sutton, CMHC Sutton Clinical Services



To Whom It May Concern:


Our clinic, Solace Emotional Health, provides mental health therapy for sexual addiction, marital quality, and ancillary symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. Our therapeutic approach with these issues consists of 2 layers: (1) helping the patient develop critical skills to manage emotional surges (rather than being managed by them); and (2) to address the emotional and cognitive undercurrents that often undergird dysfunctional and unwanted behaviors. However, if a troubling or traumatic experience has been repressed, forgotten, or imbedded deeply into a patient’s subconscious, it can be difficult and very time-consuming to identify and dissolve the dilemma.


We have found that Dennis Parker’s hypnotherapy, combined with his unique “Spiritual Mind Management” program, quickly identifies unconscious emotional undercurrents, skillfully desensitizes them and adds an extra layer of emotional management, that provides confidence and permanence to patient’s recovery efforts.


Recently, Dennis worked with one of our patients that had been diligent in daily recovery efforts for several months but had not been able to sustain his sexual addiction sobriety for longer than a week. In just 2 sessions of hypnotherapy, Dennis helped this patient identify a deeply buried issue, desensitized it, and instructed the patient how to better manage unwanted thoughts, memories, and emotions. To date, this patient has not had a relapse.


Another acquaintance stopped by our clinic, suffering from night terrors and unbearable cravings to relapse (after almost 2 years of sobriety). She had been given the financial approval for 8 sessions at another agency. She agreed to meet with Dennis Parker for a session or two, in an attempt to identify a specific issue to work on, thereby accelerating the effectiveness of her pre-approved therapy program. She had one session with Dennis Parker. In a follow-up phone call, she said, “the nightmares and craving are gone. They haven’t returned. At this point, I don’t think I will need any more therapy.”


Dennis Parker is skillful, effective, and extremely efficient in his hypnotherapy and “Spiritual Mind-Management” approach.


L. Redd, Ph.D., CMHC


Solace Emotional Health




[Our staff] had a clinic retreat with Dennis Parker on hypnosis. We wanted everyone here at the clinic to know and understand what he does and how hypnosis works.


I personally am a big fan of hypnosis. I know it is very effective and very helpful. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis, and a lot of fear. I think one of the greatest things that Dennis does is in his explanations of what it is, where it started, and what’s involved so that people can understand . . . what they are to do and what they’re getting into.


Before this, I didn’t understand how group hypnotherapy worked.


I have done individual hypnosis training and a lot of hypnosis with different types of people. First, I want to say that Dennis is one of the best [hypnotherapists] that I have ever worked with, which is why we have him at the clinic. We like only the best at our clinic. But I was a little skeptical about the group thing because I didn’t know how that would work or if it was effective.


But the thing that is interesting about group hypnotherapy is that he does a group process to get everybody in the right mode and learning how it works. Then he will take individual people and help them, and the other people in the group are still working on their issues at the same time, utilizing the questions asked of the person he is working with at the moment.


For people in the group, it was a fantastic experience because they could work on stuff at the same time he was working with someone else. It is very effective and very good. Plus it helps people become more comfortable and see that everyone has issues, and everyone has problems. We all need help to “get real!” It’s a fantastic experience!


Dennis is very experienced, and he does great work.


– Martha Bray, NP


(Martha is a Nurse Practitioner and owner of the Advanced Health Clinic in Farmington, Utah)


[As a bishop counseling with individuals who are battling various behavioral problems, having a resource like Dennis Parker has been a real blessing. From couples trying to make changes for the survival of their marriage to individuals trying to break free of addictive habits, Dennis has been able to provide an approach to their problems through hypnotherapy that has proven to be both effective and timely. Positive results have come quickly as these individuals have applied the skills they are taught for making difficult changes in their lives. Dennis recognizes the need to couple his techniques with the spiritual counsel for which I am responsible, as we work together to assist these people in overcoming their challenges. I am very grateful for the skill, insights, and sensitivity with which Dennis helps me bless the members of my ward who stand in need of a little extra help from time to time.


– Bishop Kyle Naylor


Centerville Utah Canyon Ward


My name is John Harmer, Esq. For 15 years I have served as Chairman of the Board for the Lighted Candle Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating pornography. During this time our organization has spent about half a million dollars studying how the human brain reacts to exposure to sexually explicit material. We were the first to show how exposure to such material creates an addictive pathway in the brain.


Our initial intent was to take the producers and distributors of pornography into civil court, much like the tobacco cases where the tobacco industry was successfully sued because the industry was causing lung cancer. We planned to sue the pornography industry because its material was also damaging a human organ – the brain.


After three years of preparation, our final step was to test the community. We wanted to make sure that we could impanel a jury who would recognize certain material as being pornographic. However, during the years of our preparation, a transition in attitude had taken place. The line between acceptable and unacceptable material had become blurred. Thus, it was that the Lighted Candle Society decided to change its priority from prosecuting pornographers to healing their victims.


Several years after that decision was made, we were introduced to a most unlikely messenger of truth – a hypnotherapist by the name of W. Dennis Parker. Dennis told us that our problem was that we were overlooking an important fact: The brain and the mind are not the same things. While the brain is a body organ that functions in a very predictable way, it takes its orders from the mind. The mind, he told us, is what we needed to work with.


Dennis immediately let me sit in on two or three hypnotherapy sessions with his clients. I was amazed at the way he was able to get each person to put their mind in control of their brain so that they could overcome this addiction. I have worked with a lot of therapists who were trying to heal people from addiction to pornography. Since people often ask me to recommend a therapist, for years I handed out a list of five therapists. I felt a little hypocritical because, although these people are well trained and mean well, they usually don't succeed.


Dennis accomplishes in weeks what other therapists cannot do in five or six months. So, for the first time in all the years that the Lighted Candle Society has been doing this work, I am endorsing a therapist. When people ask me now, I don’t give them a list of five. I give them Dennis Parker’s name.


Dennis has no academic credentials after his name, at least not any that the average person would recognize. After two years of intense study and instruction, Dennis became a Certified Clinical hypnotherapist. His certification was granted by one of the world’s leading and most respected organizations of hypnotherapy, The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Because of his love of horses, Dennis describes himself as "just an old cowboy in a suit.” He is a brilliant practitioner of the profession of hypnotherapy.


In a very straightforward way, he explains how hypnosis gives an individual access to “thinking errors” being held in the subconscious mind. These errors create opposing behavioral forces within the brain. Hypnotherapy assists individuals in ridding themselves of this incongruent rationalized thinking. Then it aligns one's thought processes, returning control of thoughts and behaviors to the conscious mind’s direction and choice. The Lighted Candle Society has obtained testimonials from a variety of individuals whose lives have been blessed with these unique methods. I have personally confirmed with each of these testifiers the facts contained in their accounts of their healing experiences.


Dennis challenged me to experience a hypnotherapy session and learn for myself what was being done. I did so. No theatrics were involved. What I saw and learned in 90 minutes revealed an entirely new understanding to me about the human mind. After a decade of spending half a million dollars and gathering thousands of pages of learned tomes about the human brain, I never had anyone teach me as quickly and as insightfully about the human mind as did Dennis Parker.’


– John Harmer, Chairman

Lighten Candle Society


When John wanted to verify what I was doing he asked me to call 20 of my former clients some from years earlier that I had not seen in that time. He came and interviewed each one of them at length by himself without me in the room. When these interviews were completed and he had also experienced the chair time in session is when he finally made these statements above.


Through my service as a Bishop and Stake President the past several years I have counseled with hundreds of people dealing with marital, parental, suicidal, depression, self-esteem, and separation anxiety challenges. The number of those battling pornography and numerous other addictive behaviors continue to escalate.

My efforts to assist the good people struggling with these difficulties have often included referrals to scores of different counselors and therapists. Unfortunately, after attending numerous counseling sessions and incurring a great deal of financial expense, a substantial percentage of the individuals referred for counseling have not overcome their problems, are still grappling with their addictions, and remain dependent upon their counselors.


After being introduced to Dennis Parker I carefully studied his character and counseling procedures and then began referring people to his practice. The feedback and results from those I have referred to Dennis, along with many other individuals who have been referred by my fellow church leaders have been superb. Dennis’ counseling techniques rapidly identify the root problems, teach very effective tools, instill personal accountability and typically resolve the issues in 2-4 visits. His methods are honest, spiritually rooted, fast, and economical. He has assisted those I have referred to preserve their marriages, overcome their emotional challenges and conquer their addictions. A rapidly growing group of young men and women are now serving successful LDS missions that would not otherwise have been able to do so without Dennis’ counseling.


I recommend Dennis Parker, without reservation, and would be happy to provide additional information regarding my experiences regarding his results to any who would care to contact me.


John Hollingshead, President


Centerville Utah South Stake




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