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All ACHE Requirements


ACHE Requirements

Learn to be your own BEST Behavioral Therapist, plus, assist others to do the same & EARN AN AVERAGE OF $50.00 - $1000.00 PER-HOUR & MORE as an ACHE Certified Hypnotherapist in our area.

  • ​🎯 A). Certified Hypnotherapist - Has completed at least TWO HUNDRED ( 200 ) HOURS OF INSTRUCTION from an ACHE Approved Hypnotism School that is Licensed by their State Board of Education. The Hypnotherapist must also pass the ACHE Written & Practical Skills Exam. Exceptions are considered on a non-discriminatory basis & may be granted by the Qualifying Board.


  • 🎯 B). Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Has fulfilled ALL of the Requirements for Hypnotherapist & has completed a Total of THREE HUNDRED ( 300 ) HOURS OF INSTRUCTION IN HYPNOSIS from a School approved by the appropriate State Agency & by the ACHE. Examination may be waived for Hypnotherapists who submit evidence of THREE ( 3 ) CONSECUTIVE YEARS OF FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. Only the Qualifying Board may grant any exception, on a non-discriminatory basis.


  • 🎯 FEES: The Initial Fee for Registration & Certification for TWO ( 2 ) YEARS IS $175. This includes a ONE-TIME $25 Application / Examination Fee + $75 PER-YEAR Registration & Certification Fee for TWO ( 2 ) CONSECUTIVE YEARS. There is a $25 Fee for a New Certificate reflecting a change in Certification Status.


You can achieve the 15 HOURS PER-YEAR or 30 HOURS PER-TWO-YEARS of Continuing Education Requirement in several ways:

  • #1. Attend the Annual International American Council of Hypnotist Examiners Conference.


  • #2. Attend 30 hours of trainings at CHTS. If you are a returning student who was trained at CHTS in the first place as a Clinical Hypnotherapist there are no additional fees for re-auditing. Just come and join in!


  • #3. Watch 30 hours of video trainings from the CHTS School Video Library.


  • #4. Read several books on Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy and report to Dennis who will question you on the learning and sign off on the hours.



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"Was well worth the money! I would do it again. I recommend that everyone needs this class."

Celes S

PMMCC Hypnotherapist

"Wonderful class! Dennis did a great job. Wonderful to feel true peace!"

Monica P

PMMCC Hypnotherapist

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