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What is the secret to weight management? Is there a secret that has not been shared, tried, and succeeded or failed in? This is such a huge topic that I will slim down in this article best I can.

The old time saying for weight reduction is... you guessed it I'm sure, "eat less and exercise more." So why don't we do it? And what about those people who have done this for many years, and they are still over weight and unhappy with where they are?

So, here is the secret to weight management, good nutrition, psychology, how much we eat, and how much we exercise.

What we eat matters. Carbohydrates are not needed in the diet to keep you from getting sick, so they can completely be taken out of your diet and you will not have any ill affect. Our brain needs carbohydrates, yes, but our body produces enough carbohydrates from other proteins and fats. There are illnesses that develop, however, when we abstain from proteins and fats. So get rid of the carbohydrates so you can slim down your food variety.

A study was done with two groups of mice. One group was given a "cafeteria diet, or in other words they were given a variety of many different foods. The other group was given a diet of one simple food pellet that had all the nutrients the mouse needed. So, what happened? The mice that only had one food became satiated quickly, and so they would not eat more of the same food, only enough for what they needed to get through the day. The mice that had a variety of foods would eat to satiation with one food, and then move to another food until satiation would hit, then another, and another. The mice with many different foods was found overweight and unhealthy. So, taking the variety out of our diet may be the secret to not overeating. With that knowledge you can get far, but what if it is too difficult to resist looking in the fridge, or what if it is just a habit that you have no control over? The next secret is psychology and it can help with that.

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and I deal with that part of you that is automatically making decisions for you, the subconscious. When you want to release weight and get in shape, there is a part of you that screams, throws a tantrum, and keeps you from fulfilling your conscious desire. That part of you, to make things worse, is subconscious, or outside of your conscious awareness. To fight the battle with this part of you, you need to uncover that hidden part of you, and face it head on. Once you can make a decision at a subconscious level, you have that automatic part of you working for you and not against you, then eating right becomes easy, exercise becomes easy. We make a decision with our heart, not just our head, and then things happen. So why doesn't just dieting work?

When the Biggest Loser was studied they found that 14 of the contestants had gained all the weight they had lost on the show out of the 15. A few of those had even gone over what they were before in weight. They found that the metabolism had slowed down when they lost weight and once they gained their original weight back, their metabolism stayed - slow! In other words, they were worse off from when they began. So going on a diet can put you at a disadvantage. But how did we gain the weight in the first place? Overeating.

What is the cause of overeating? Do we take on the emotional baggage of the world and then try to suppress those emotions by eating? Do we eat because of feelings, such as boredom, stress, or fear? If we don't feel safe, we may put on extra weight until we feel safe. The other side of the coin is that we are looking to get back to a place of feeling good. We make grandma's chocolate chip cookies just the way she use to and we stuff ourselves so we can have that nostalgic happy feeling grandma use to give us. Hypnotherapy goes strait to the emotions and helps reveal why we are eating so much. We can have the happy feelings without the excessive eating. When it comes to being happy, exercise can help.

Exercise is something we know can help, so why don't we do it? For some people it is not plausible to exercise. In that case, small baby steps towards weight loss needs to be achieved before exercise can even become a thing. Working with your mind and your nutrition is where you can start, and then when able, exercise. There are a lot of road blocks to exercise, but mentally there is this part of you that screams at your wanting to exercise. "It's not fun!" "It is a waste of time!" "I have so much to do!" Tackling that part of you from the subconscious will put you into a mind frame that will allow you to get the exercise done, and do it with a smile.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic button that you can push and then all your goals are magically accomplished, but it is a way to make the work you have to do to get where you're going, easier. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and hypnotherapy is a great first step.

Chris Parker CHT

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