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The True Grief Cycle

For many, the grief cycle has been referred to as a 5-step process, but here at Remodel Unconscious Design, we’ve come to know the grief cycle as having 6 stages. Our unique last step has helped transform the grief cycle for many, and they have been able to find the healing they’re searching for.

Defining the Grief Cycle

The well-known grief cycle has 5 stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As mental health advocates, we realized the need for a 6th step. We refer to the 6th stage as remodeling. What does it mean to remodel? Remodeling happens as the last step of the grieving process. When you’re remodeling, you can recognize the grief you’ve experienced without being overtaken by the emotions involved with it. Remodeling doesn’t have to mean that you completely forget what you experienced. It is normal to remember a pain you’ve been through, but remodeling allows you to start picking the pieces back up. How have you grown from the experience? How has it changed you as a person? What will you do differently moving forward?

Don’t put a timeline on your grieving

There is no timeline to the grief cycle. It isn’t a race to the finish line. The important part is the fact that you’re working through the process, and you’ve found the help you need to do so. Allow yourself to feel all of the feelings involved- the denial, the anger, the depression.. But don’t allow yourself to isolate and become overtaken by any of those steps. Seek the help that you deserve. Hypnotherapy with Remodel Unconscious Design helps you to identify the pain and how to heal from it. It does not press fast forward on the grief cycle, but it does help you to subconsciously process your emotions.

Grief Support Groups Online

If you’re looking for grief support groups online, then you’ve found the right place. We offer group therapy options as well as individual therapy for our clients. Grief is a very individual process, and we wanted to give our clients multiple options so that they could choose to process in a way that made them the most comfortable.

We are passionate about helping people reconnect with their subconscious and heal from negative experiences. Are you ready to get the help you deserve? Reach out today.

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