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Self Compassion Exercises

Self care is the weight bearing pillar of mental health. If you aren’t actively practicing self care, then you’re not only at risk for experiencing negative mental health, but you’re also wagering your physical and emotional wellbeing. While most people recognize the importance of self care, they still struggle to implement it in their life. Why? They may have a lack of self compassion.

What is self compassion

Think of self compassion as the grounding for your tree. It provides all the nutrients that are needed to nurture the tree and help it grow. When you recognize the importance of self compassion, then you’ve conquered the first step on the road to meaningful self care. There are three main components to be aware of: self kindness, mindfulness, and common humanity. All three components are of equal importance.

Self Kindness- Avoiding negative self talk and self judgement.

Mindfulness- Acknowledging that you’re a part of a human race that is equally sinful.

Common Humanity- Recognizing the current moment for what it is and being aware of your suffering versus avoiding the pain.

When you’re mindful of your self compassion you’re able to practice meaningful self care. You need to regularly refresh your brain and offer relaxing opportunities to reset. Practicing self care will help you avoid stress, burnout, lowered immune response, and a number of other negative experiences. We all know that we are able to make more conscious decisions when we feel calm and confident in the situation we are in. Practice your self compassion often, so you can push self doubt aside.

Self Compassion Exercises

These exercises are great for people who are looking to increase their self compassion, but they also serve as good daily reminders for all people. Positive self talk is an excellent way to rebuild your self confidence. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat phrases like “I am capable” and “I am worthy”. If you feel weird talking to yourself in the mirror, then make yourself sticky notes and put them in places that you typically wouldn’t remember to practice self care. Put a sticky note on the inside of your front door for a quick pick-me-up before you leave your house. Stick a positive affirmation on the coffee pot to give yourself a happy first thought in the morning. You can even implement this self compassion exercise on strangers! Place sticky notes with positive phrases on the fridge in the breakroom or inside the elevator.

You’re not being self indulgent by admiring yourself. Self compassion isn’t self indulgence, it is self preservation! What can you do today to go easy on yourself? When you feel that negative or judgmental thought creeping in, stomp on it with something more positive! You are deserving of mental wellness.

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