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        CHTS – 2020 Winter Course Schedule - Starts January 14th

        CHTS – 2020 Spring Course Schedule - Starts March 24th

        CHTS – Summer Accelerated Course - Starts July 27th - August 8th

        CHTS – 2020 Fall Course Schedule - Starts September 15th

Attend Hypnosis and Hypnotherapist Training Online in Our Live Fully Interactive Broadcasts of the same Training's and Case Study Sessions that are taught at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farr West, Utah! Register today, and join in the current series in progress, receive access to the School Video Library (over 1,800 hours of hypnosis training and sessions to review) and start reading your text books!

You can audit the live hypnosis training classes for up to one year from your date of registration, so if you start now you can finish up in the next several series. There is never an ideal time to do something like this, so we call it adult learning, as you can take it at your own pace and make your scheduling conflicts work! 

Due to the economy and the necessity of being as efficient as possible in assisting people to become trained and qualified as certified clinical hypnotherapists, and to accommodate people from other states and countries who have expressed a desire to attend the school, (We are known for the quality and effectiveness of our proprietary Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy training's, and our unique and proprietary, “Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy” training techniques.) We are offering some flexible course training attendance schedules and various training options with live online broadcasts of the classes in a virtual classroom setting.

You will be competent, confident, and effective with your clients as a certified clinical hypnotherapist. The 101 through 401 (200 hours) of course training's required to become an ACHE. Certified Hypnotherapist can be accomplished through a combination of attendance methods: One – you can choose to complete these training requirement hours through personal attendance at the hypnosis school in Farr West, Utah. Two – You can attend as an online student, and receive the same course training's as they are broadcast live, and are fully student interactive.

Auditing is Free for up to one year from your registration date so you can take the courses several times should you miss a class. We make it about competency not hours. Through Online or at the school in person live attendance, the School Video Library, and your Book Package of text books and your student manual you can get up to 1,000 hours and more of training and you pay only once.

The additional 100 hours (501 – 601) of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist course training's required to become an ACHE. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist can be accomplished through: One – you can choose to complete these training hours through a combination of individual attendance at the hypnosis school in Farr West, Utah. Two – you can choose to complete these hours through online attendance as we broadcast the same classes live through our interactive virtual classroom format.

Our new flexible course training and finance programs, and various training schedule opportunities, allow you to start the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, Clinical Hypnotherapist Training's now, and finish them at your own pace. Register today and join in the current series of hypnosis training's receive your book package and access to the school video library.

You can complete your certification training's and required hours within a couple of months or take the entire year, at whatever pace is comfortable and appropriate for you. The main concern we have is that when you are ready to test for your certification with enough training hours, is that you know and we know, you are competent, confident, and will be effective with your clients in the areas of practice you have chosen to develop. We know the course training's offered here are rock solid hypnotist and hypnotherapist training's. You will receive the very best in advanced clinical hypnotherapy training's as well as our proprietary “Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy”.

You as a professional practitioner will want to continue to study and grow in this practice and profession for the rest of your life. We will assist you to do that, and want you to have the attitude that your training is never over, that when you receive your certification, that it is the starting line, not the finish line. You will learn from every session you do, and it is exciting to be continually learning and more effective in assisting your clients achieve their goals and dreams. We are all to be in a continuous learning and improvement mode!

Student Story

My name is Brandy Brandon and I am a full time student at Dixie State University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with plans to go on and receive a PhD in Neuropsychology.

In November of 2013, my father sent me a link to a presentation by a man from the Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farr West, Utah. I put it off continually believing it would be a waste of my time, I finally gave in the first part of January 2014. After I listened to it, I was intrigued so I looked around on the website and learned that Dennis was currently holding school sessions right here in St George, so I called him up immediately and asked him a few questions, then set up a time to go and attend one of the classes to see what I thought. I was there for one day, and was immediately hooked. I was so amazed by what had taken place and in the short amount of time, that I knew it was for me.

I love psychology and how it affects the brain however I couldn't see myself helping people by sitting in an office session after session accomplishing very little. So when I saw Dennis work through an hour and a half session and seeing a noticeable change in the client when he was done, I knew that I was going to become a hypnotherapist.

I got home and went online to research all of the schools across the country to see how they compared to the Certified Hypnotherapy Training school. There was no other school like this one. The professionalism of the school was far beyond any of the others. The amount of training you receive and the availability of instructors to help you out were just a few things that stood out.

I signed up, but I was only able to attend a few classes while Dennis was in St George so I took the books and began reading Spiritual Mind Management in between the classes I was able to attend. As well I listened to White CD’s for weight management and Self Esteem. I was not prepared for what happened to me. The book gave me a well thought out and easily understood explanation of the process of Spiritual Mind Management, (SMM is being re-branded to Positive Mind Management). And the CD’s began drawing the issues I was ready to deal with. When I was finally able to attend the summer courses, it worked well for me because I was able to attend the courses on line from 400 plus miles away.

I met so many people, made so many friends and witnessed many transformations including my own right there in the classroom. It was hard work and Dennis was a tough instructor making sure that we knew the material, but more importantly were comfortable using it. He stands behind his process and for good reason, it really works.

I finished my training and became certified through ACHE. I immediately started to have clients call and set up appointments. They were hearing that the amount of time it took to work through your issues was very minimal. I had a client who was finally able to confront the pain in her feet and located the reason for it. Another client is a well-respected lawyer who needed help with his lack of focus only to clear issues he didn't even know had existed. A lady who learned of her adoption was able to see things differently when she was done. Working with spiritual mind management techniques has allowed my son with autism to see people in a different way than he had before, becoming less offended in social situations and being able to make good friends.

I am a single mom raising 3 teenage boys, one who has autism and an 8 year old daughter. This program allowed me to have more time with my kids as well as help them in their lives. Dennis has continued to be a mentor for me even after my certification was finished which helps with my confidence to continue to do this great work and help people everywhere.

Brandy Brandon

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