Discount for Non-Certifying Students

40% – Discounted Pricing Option for Non-Certifying Students

As a non-certifying student you will still learn Clinical Hypnotherapy and how to enhance your current career as the change agent in your organization, the go to person, the one who knows how to influence people and get things done! Or as a Parent or Grandparent use these tremendous skills in behavior modification to help your family, at a reduced tuition rate!

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We receive requests from parents and grandparents, who want to know how to help their families and loved ones, and from executives, managers, supervisors, and sales managers, who want these behavioral modification skills to effect individual and organizational change. Because we are family oriented, we are offering our course trainings to these students at reduced tuition rates. Should they choose to certify, they will need to pass the exams, and pay normal tuition fees.

CHTS is known for the effectiveness of our unique hypnotherapy processes! You learn to overcome self-limiting beliefs, (I am not good enough… I could never do that…) eliminate inappropriate habits, (test taking and study habits, thumb sucking and bed wetting in teen, electronic games, and other time and life wasting habits) and conquer maladaptive behaviors (gambling, pornography, overeating, smoking, and so forth.) You will learn it best as a student, from the inside-out, then you will understand and know how to assist others!

The reduced tuition option is mostly for parents/grandparents to assist their families, and is not available to those involved in professional counseling, people with phycology degrees, coaching credentials, social workers, or who have therapist licenses.

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