Debbie Packer CHT

Debbie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Clearfield, Utah

Debbie Packer – CHT

Phone: (801) 589-5107


Debbie received Certified Hypnotherapy Training and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from Dennis Parker in 2003. After graduating, she worked as a Hypnotherapist at “Therapies for Health” in Clearfield, UT. Debbie has been actively working as a Hypnotherapist since that time. Debbie worked at “Therapies for Health” until June 2011 when that business was restructured. Debbie began her own practice, Mind/Body Connections, in June 2005. Working out of her home and at Therapies for Health, Debbie continued to learn and evolve her practice and her proficiency through workshops, conventions, and other hypnotherapists. I really like working with teens and have had much success with them in various behavioral modifications–mostly in sports, dance, gymnastics, and so forth.

I have worked successfully with many stop smoking clients. I consider working with teens and stop smoking sessions as my forte. Debbie is excited about participating in Hypnotherapy Training with Dennis. She understands personally the vast significance of hypnosis in empowering individuals to set themselves free. Training has been a long time in coming and greatly needed in our area. Debbie deeply values the experiences she had under the instruction of Dennis. She esteems him as a terrific teacher and hypnotherapist.

Debbie is the mother of five children and the grandmother of five with more coming. She and her husband, Bob, live in Clearfield, UT.

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