Craig Bickmore CHT

Craig Bickmore

Craig Bickmore grew up in Cedar City, Utah. He fulfilled an LDS Mission to California, and then attended the now Southern Utah University. He met the love of his life, Lori, married and began raising a family and working part time in several business’ to pay for life and school. He also attended Utah State University where he received an MBA in business administration.

For the past 24 years he has been employed with one of Utah’s finest trades associations which has given him the opportunity to work with various members of the Utah State legislature, regulatory agency’s both state and federal, and participate on volunteer boards related to that association. He currently serves as the co-chair of the American Cancer Society Advisory Board of Utah and is involved with many others in the State, who are engaged in the fight to eliminate cancer.

For over twenty years, one of his greatest passions has been the development and practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Utah. He works diligently at educating others in the true utilizations and benefits of trance hypnotherapy. He brings to people the understanding that hypnosis once understood and applied can be one of the most effective and powerful tools in overcoming life’s challenges and concerns.

He knows that the basis of climbing upward in self-improvement processes is about focusing and re-focusing on what you want and eliminating the obstacles that impede personal progress, regardless if those obstacles are self-caused or arise from other circumstances. He has successfully overcome many of his own life’s challenges by implementing the principles of hypnosis that he now teaches to others.

Craig has worked with many people who share his zest for life and have applied the techniques in self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy to improve their life and the lives of their family members. After all, what do you have to lose except a few bad habits or a non-productive belief or two.

Craig is the father of six children and is an A.C.H.E. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He believes in the following adage “If you want to make significant gains in your life that are geometric in nature, than you have to take the required time to learn and practice the principles of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, because it will get you where you want to go faster than anything else he has ever experienced”

Craig is the Chairman of the RockyMountain of Board of the, Hypnotist Examining Council of Utah” and active as a “Guest Presenter” and lecturer at “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, in Farmington, Utah.

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