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One of the greatest benefits of taking the courses is the tremendous opportunity it gives you “to put your own house in order first”, so to speak, and learn as suggested, “Learn Hypnotherapy From The Inside-Out!.”

Dennis states, “You will never understand what it is like to have the heavy burdens of past sensitizing experiences lifted from you until you experience it for yourself! You need to have the courage and humility to get in and do your own work first. The school philosophy is that you learn this work “Best” from the inside-out. You will learn about trance, hypnosis, or pondering, from experience, not just attempting to interpret what it is from reading about it in a book. You will then be able to assist others with their life’s trials, temptations, and stresses, because you know personally how behaviors are created, and how to effectively change them, having already done so yourself. The processes are understood so much better as you have personal experience with them, and then the book learning makes so much more sense as well. ( See Dennis’ personal story )

We teach personal problem solving! We teach and assist clients to learn to be Clear and Free Minded, by aligning conscious and subconscious thoughts and predominant beliefs, overcoming, “Double Mindedness” and personal instabilities. – “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8) Consciously we know what we ought to be doing, such as eating healthy and being physically fit. The problem is in the incongruent thinking in the subconscious mind. The secret is that it requires subconscious access through hypnosis or pondering to know what the predominant thought behavioral producing beliefs are which are creating opposing forces within us. Once we know what the inappropriate “thinking errors” are, we can challenge and change them, bringing the minds into alignment. When the minds are aligned, we move forward without hesitations, inhibitions, and procrastinations. We accomplish goals faster than ever before imagined!

We teach how too appropriately challenge, change, and overcome, self-limiting beliefs, eliminate inappropriate habits, conquer maladaptive behaviors, and how to do personal problem solving of past sensitizing events. Students are to achieve the benefits of these processes as well, by doing their own work first.

Virgil Hayes, my original teacher and trainer had a statement that I have attempted to live by. It is that, “Powerful people empower others, and weak people create dependencies!” As a student at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, you are expected to act as a teacher of personal problem solving skills for your clients, and assist them to become their own best behavioral therapist. You are to be a teacher, a trainer, a facilitator, but the client does their own work, they get all the credit for doing so, and we respect, admire and honor those who have the personal courage to face their personal fears, and deal with their “stuff”, moving forward in live. We are facilitators of their individual behavioral modifications, and personal problem solving, but it is their goal achievement and personal growth that they give to themselves, as directed by themselves, for their personal benefit, and not ours as the hypnotherapist!

People sense when we as Hypnotherapist’s believe deeply in what we are doing for them, because the level of service we provide and the interest we give to them is truly genuine. This naturally happens as you are engaged personally in the same processes you are asking them to accomplish. You can’t expect that credentials will make your practice successful. You must positively produce the results with clients that they are seeking and deserve. They must follow through and do their therapeutic work, as you direct and ask them to do. You will do this best when you have done your work first, and are still engaged in a lifestyle of Self-Hypnosis utilization.

This emphasis on “Continuous Personal Improvement, Growth, and Learning through Your Own Hypnotherapy Sessions” is just one of the things that separate us from other schools of Hypnotherapy. We will teach you the Fundamental Techniques, Advanced Methods, and the various therapies that are labeled as hypnotherapy, but we expect you, as the student, to not only learn the classroom instruction and materials, but know what goes on inside the minds of clients, having personally experienced trance and the hypnotherapy techniques at the various levels of trance many times yourselves during the course trainings.

Then you will have confidence to go out and immediately begin your practice at the level of your understanding, skills, and abilities, because by the time you have finished all the courses, you will know, that you know, what you know, and are doing as a Certified Hypnotherapist or Clinical Hypnotherapist. You will also understand what potential clients to refer, because you are not ready for a particular situation yet. In other words you will be a Professional in Hypnotherapy.

Please join us in our next schedule of classes and get started on your new career as a full or part time Certified Hypnotherapist or Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. We look forward to participating in your personal growth and watch as your Hypnotherapy practice develops and grows over the coming years. We are committed to “Your Successes”.

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