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Certified Hypnotherapist Course Curricula

Be a valued Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and know how to help young and old overcome pornography and qualify to go on missions or get married with out the problems created by pornographic involvements. You will be an important member of your community, church group, company, or civic organization as an A.C.H.E. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Here at CHTS you will be trained in Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and our own Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Skills and Tools which are the latest most effective change processes doing therapy at the speed of thought. You will be able to assist yourself and others, to overcome self-limiting beliefs, eliminate inappropriate habits, and conquer maladaptive behaviors, be a pain control expert, a stress induced emotionally induced illnesses practitioner, and know how to assist others to desensitize prior abuse and trauma producing experiences. You will find it to be rewarding work in every way!

Course Curriculum

Courses are structured into 6 – increments (101 – 601 course training's). Each course includes both classroom instruction and experiential learning. All courses include supervised practice. You will have opportunities to work with others in the class, and they with you. You will be coached in speech patterns, physical movements, mannerisms, suggestibility types and testing, and much more. You will have ongoing opportunity to participate and learn, as you experience working on your personal goals with self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy throughout the classes, just as you would expect your clients to do.

One of the greatest benefits of taking these courses is the tremendous opportunity it gives you “to put your own house in order first”, so to speak. ”You will be effective as a Hypnotherapist because you will have experienced the therapy processes for yourself. You will have first-hand knowledge of what the procedures and benefits are in relation to each hypnotherapy process because you will have the opportunity to clear up your individual issues first as you go through the different courses.

An emphasis on “Continuous Personal Improvement, Growth, and Learning through Your Own Hypnotherapy Sessions” separates us from other schools of Hypnotherapy. We will teach you the Fundamental Techniques, Advanced Methods, and the various therapies that are labeled as hypnotherapy, but we give you the student, an opportunity to learn what goes on inside the minds of clients, having personally experienced trance and therapy techniques at the various levels many times yourselves. You will have confidence to go out and immediately begin your practice at the level of your understanding, skills, and abilities, because by the time you have finished all the courses, you will know, that you know, what you know, and are doing as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

You will also understand what potential clients to refer, because you are not ready for a particular situation yet. In other words you will be a Professional in Hypnotherapy. We look forward to participating in your personal growth and witnessing your Hypnotherapy practice develop over the coming years. We are committed to “Your Success by providing every opportunity to become Compentent, Effective, and Confident, as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist”.



CHTS - Student Forms List

-Registration Enrollment Form

-Disclosure Statements Form

-Student and Client Intake Form – Disclosure Statements

-Video Authorization Release Form

-Student Verified Attendance Record of Training Hours

-ACHE Code of Ethics - Signed

-Application to ACHE for Certifications

ACHE – Orientation and Online Review

– Occupational Title

– Certifications

– Certification Testing

-Student Transcript Form

– Continuing Education - Fall Re-certification Conferences

Annual Conferences – Re-Audits of School Courses

– Founder – Gil Boyne

– President – John Butler

- Utah Mental Health Practices Act

- Ethics, Semantics, and the Law

- Malpractice Insurance

-Hypnotherapist Unions

C HTS - Orientation

CHTS - School Permits and Licenses

CHTS – History - Advanced Health Clinic - Sutton/s Clinic - Solace Emotional Health

CHTS – Logo Explanation

CHTS – Catalog

CHTS – Philosophy

CHTS - 101 – 601 Curriculum

The Learning Process

Class Routine

Questions Note Book

CHTS - Instructors

Craig A. Bickmore

Debbie Packer

W. Dennis Parker

CHTS - Website Videos:

- CHTS - School Introductory Videos - Common Questions on Websites

- CHTS - Spiritual Mind Management - Now being Re-Branded as "Positive Mind Management"

Other Student and Client Informational and Testimonials and Videos

CHTS - Video Library

Dennis – Mentors and Associates

101 – 601 Curriculum Guide

101 Subjects: Hypnosis – Trance - Pondering

I n troductions

- Hypnosis – Pondering – Trance

- Theories of Hypnosis

- Self-Hypnosis and General Information

- Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

- Hypnosis – Specific Information

- Hypnosis – Definitions…

- Hypnosis – History of…

- Hypnosis – Nature of…

- Hypnosis – Misunderstandings of…

- Hypnosis – Dangers of…

- Physical Signs of Hypnosis or Trance

- Observable Trance States

- Suggestibility

- The Nature of Suggestions

- Suggestibility – Laws and Guidelines

- Suggestibility Types

- Suggestibility Testing

Basic NLP - Rapport and Trust Building

- Visual

- Auditory

- Kinesthetic or Feeling

How to Hypnotize - Induction Techniques

- Principles of induction

- Fractional Relaxation

- Rapid and Instantaneous Induct ions

- Shock Induct ions

- Handling Resistance

- Methods of Deepening Trance

- Trance Management

- Condition Response Training

- Awakening Techniques

- Live Demonstrations

- Student Practice Breakout Sessions

20 1 – Suggestion Hypnotherapy – Behavioral Modification with Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Accomplishing Behavioral Modifications by Inducing Trance and Utilizing Self-Talk – Affirmations – Auto-Suggestions – Metaphors – Stories – Scripts – Guided Imagery and CD Listening to Install New Belief System Predominant Thoughts Accomplishing the Desired Behavioral Changes

-Benefits of Hypnotherapy

- Eliminate Double Mindedness

- Become Clear and Free Minded

- Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Limiting Behaviors

- Eliminate Inappropriate Habits

- Conquer Maladaptive Behaviors

- Personal Problem Solving Skills

- Pain Control – Relieving Chronic Long Term Psychosomatic Induced Pain

- Psychosomatic Induced Illnesses - Releasing Maladaptive Frequencies – Healing Effect

Hypnotherapy Rules and Communication Guidelines

- Semantics of Hypnosis

- Rules of the Mind

- Rules of Change

- Self Talk – Self-Limiting Beliefs

- Rules of Suggestion for Successful Programming

- Affirmations – Rules of Affirmations

- Auto Suggestions - Rules of Auto-Suggestions

- Metaphors

- Stories

- Scripts

- Adages

- CD Listening

- Make Your Own Recordings

- Hypno Learning

Ad vanced Communication Methods

Milton Erickson - Techniques

- Dominant and Passive Suggestions

- Direct Suggestions

- Indirect Suggestions

- Double Binds

- Apposition of Opposites

- Intersperses

- Indirect Associative Focusing

- Minimal Cues/Anchoring

- Ideo-Motor Response

- Hypnotic Metaphors - Stories & Scripts

Hypnotherapy Session Processes

- Client Intake Form

- Client Interview

- Client Pre-talk

- Goal Setting

- Handling Resistance

- Choose and Accomplish Hypnotic Trance Induction Methods -

- Choice of Hypnotherapy Protocols

- Appropriate Client Suggestion Programming

- Preferred Communication Modes

- Methods of Deepening Trance

- Trance Management

- Cond i tion Response Training

- Posthypnotic Suggestions

- Posthypnotic Re-induction

- Removing Suggestions

- Posthypnotic Amnesia

- Future Pacing - Future Rehearsals

- Awakening Techniques

- Conscious Review of New Decisions – Debrief

- Live Demonstrations

- Student Breakout Practice Sessions

301 – Clinical Hypnotherapy – Achieving Behavioral Modification Utilizing Age Regressions – Gestalts – Parts Therapies – Inter-child Integration – NLP – Chronic Pain Relief Techniques – Emotional Clearing Techniques – Secondary Payoffs/Secondary Gain and Secondary Defenses and Impulse Control

– Creating a Successful Practice

  • Setting Up a Private Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Working in an Established Medical Clinic or Health Facility
  • Job Creation Opportunities – Career Enhancements

– Choosing Specialties - Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Group Trainings

– Clinical Hypnotherapy for Behavioral Modification

- Theory of the Mind

-Trusting Your Inner Self

- Primary Defenses - Amnesia and Denial

- Layering

- Age Regressions - Inductive and Deductive Processing

– Emotional Clearing Techniques

- Gestalts – Secondary Payoffs/Secondary Gain

– Parts Therapies

– Inter-child Integration

- Impulse Control Techniques

- Acute and Chronic Pain Control - Pain is a Behavior

- Secondary Gain

- Migraine

- Chronic Pain Relief

- Hypnosis for Dentistry

401 – Applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy

-D ese n s i t i zation of Fears and Phobias

-Fear of Flying - Fear of Heights - Fear of Water - Fear of Horses - Fear of the Unknown

-Fear of “I am not good enough” - Fear of Rejection - Fear of Failure – Fear of Success

- Eliminating Inappropriate Habits

- Problems Sleeping

- Bed wetting

- Electronic Games

- TV - Movies

- Other Time and Life Wasting Behaviors

- Birthing with Hypnosis

- Grieving - Unresolved Death – Divorce

- Professional Presentations

- Teaching Group Self-Hypnosis

- The Hypnotic Demonstration Routine

- Live Demonstrations of the Above

- Student Breakout Practice Sessions

Schedule a Test Review with Dennis - set up an individual TEST DAY whenever you are ready.

501 – Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training's

- Psychosomatic or Emotional - Stress Induced Illnesses

- Auto-Immune Diseases

- High Blood Pressure

- Allergies

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- Asthma

- Others

-Conquering Maladaptive Behaviors

- Weight Management

- Stop Smoking

- Pornography

- Anger

- Suicide

- Stress Management - Breathing and Power Napping

- S po rts Mind Management – Working with Athletes

- Sales Mind Management – Working with Sales People

- Live Demonstrations

- Student Breakout Practice Sessions

601 - Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Training's

PMM – Addiction Definitions

The Spirits Mind – The Intelligence

Becoming Clear Minded - Desensitization of Past Emotional Trauma and PTSD

-Compartmentalization’s of the Mind

-Consciousness - De-Hypnosis

-Critical Facility or Critical Factor Filter Functions

-Subconscious – Functions – Preservation of Self

-Imaginations – sensitization and de-sensitization

-Effective of Amplified Imagination on Emotional Content and Extent of Behavior

-Memories – Justifying, Validating – Defending Data – we alter experience perceptions

-Emotions – Effect on Behaviors and how to collapse – Behave the way we feel

-Living in Balance - Fight - Flight

-Personal Problem Solving




-Working with Children to Teens

- Test Taking Relaxation

- Study Techniques


- Relationships - Working with Couples

- Hypno Drama - Family and Other Groups


- Live Demonstrations

- Student Breakout Practice Sessions

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