Why Study Hypnotherapy and Become a Hypnotherapist?

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Why Study Hypnotherapy and Become a Hypnotherapist?

Posted on March 18, 2014

1- Because it works!

People become hypnotherapists through CHTS because they experience for themselves hypnotherapy’s power to initiate change—change from the inside out. In spite of the false notion (from viewing stage hypnosis) that hypnotherapy involves mind control, those who try it often discover that it aids them to freely choose to change as they learn to control their own mind.

Hypnotherapy can bring important facts to mind, can reveal the false nature of exaggerated emotions, and can help us see errors in our views of ourselves and other people. It can show us how much freedom to take positive action we really do have. The happiness that comes from understanding and knowing our own minds, and controlling our own lives, makes us want to open the way for others to have the same empowering experiences.


2- To create a satisfying full- or part-time job

Hypnotherapy is one of the best educational investments you can make. Depending on where you live, you can earn $50 – $100 per hour or more. You will not spend years paying off loans used to learn these skills. Our classes are designed to help you certify and build up a hypnotherapy practice over time while still working at your current career.

An A.C.H.E. Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification, which is accepted in all 50 states, allows you to assist family, friends, and clients with positive changes they have always wanted to make while you achieve the personal goal of bringing in additional income


3- To enhance career performance

Hypnotherapists enjoy personal improvement while becoming part of the success of others. Managers, councilors, sports coaches, and executives become more effective at motivating others; massage therapists, nurses, and dentists use hypnotherapy for pain management. Hypnotherapy assists you in understanding inductive and deductive processing and managing the change processes required in your company, church group, or civic organization.  You can become the “go to” person, the one who gets the job done.


4- To assist family members and other loved ones in personal problem-solving and making desired changes in behavior

Many families simply cannot afford to send loved ones into long-term treatment programs for problems such as smoking, insomnia, over-eating, or pornography.  As a parent, grandparent, or other interested relative, you can learn clinical skills and then teach them to family members, increasing emotional self-reliance within the family.

Certified Hypnotherapy Training School is especially known for the proprietary techniques we call Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy, offered as a specialty in our school curriculum. Teaching these techniques to your family members can make a difference in their lives for years to come.

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