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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - And see why Certified Hypnotherapy Training School (CHTS) is the Best Choice for your Clinical Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapist Competency, and might be the best choice for you. We are about Certified CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST COMPETENCY! You will be successful at assisting others in their personal BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATIONS and NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL ISSUES with our POSITIVE MIND MANAGEMENT HYPNOTHERAPY TECHNIQUES AND PROTOCOLS UTILIZED AS NEW MENTAL SKILLS AND TOOLS that …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - And get started with the Online Portion of the Training Anytime! Then Join In the Live Classes Too! CHTS courses are taught as a series of four sections: Orientation & Hypnosis - Suggestion Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnotherapy - Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy. This series is taught throughout the year. You may …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and Learn Why and How CHTS is a Leader in Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings. Our new and innovative Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy is state-of-the-art mental skills training especially for youth and children. We are known for the quality and effectiveness of our Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Trainings. You will be: Competent, Effective, and Confident, as a hypnotherapist as you …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - Enjoy Our Live Fully Interactive Broadcasts of the same Trainings and Case Study Sessions that are taught at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farmington, Utah! Register today, and join in the current series in progress, receive access to the School Video Library (over 1,200 hours of hypnosis training and sessions to review and learn from). We make it about competency, not hours) …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - Psychologist,, Counselors Teachers, Coaches, and Administrators, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Foot Zone Practitioners, and Others, CEO’s, Executives, Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives, Clergy, Parents and Grandparents, and Young Adult Leaders! Hypnotherapy training courses you will receive here are so valuable because they enhance any kind of profession where you have responsibility to …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and learn that as a non-certifying student you will still learn our advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy skills and tools. You will know how to enhance your current career as the change agent in your organization, the go to person, and the one who knows how to influence people and get things done! Or as a Parent or Grandparent use these tremendous skills in behavior modification to help your family and friends, to …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and register for 10 free hours of hypnotherapy trainings. Attend either online or at the school in Farmington, Utah. Everything we have been putting on the website is so that you can make an educated decision. Live attendance is one of the very best ways to do so. We are very happy to have you join us for several classes and fully participate. You will then know for sure if this is right for you. Please join us by registering here …
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Student Video Testimonials and Stories

See what Deanne Smith says about her training in hypnotherapy at CHTS as a school phycologist.


Kate Hadley is now a CHTS/ACHE Certified Clinical Hypnotherpist.

Kate is a brilliant young woman with a bright future in hypnotherapy.  She states that she enjoys the fact that she didn't spend $40,000.00 plus, for an education that would start her career job out at $15.00 to $30.00 per hour.  She can pay back her hypnotherapist training and tuition fees, theoretically in just a couple weeks of doing full-time hypnotherapy.  She enjoys being of value to others and helping them feel better, while she is earning $50.00 to $100.00 per session hour.


Emma Smoot is an experienced mother birthing her child utilizing self-hypnosis. She has continued to do hypnotherapy sessions for Postpartum depression and other behavioral modifications.  She has enjoyed such success with hypnosis that she is now taking the CHTS/ACHE Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trainings. She will Certify in our 2017 Spring Courses, starting March 1st.


Ron Loumeau is an experienced Sales Manager and Business Owner.  He has seen hypnotherapy help himself and other family members.  See what he has to say about hypnotherapy and the trainings he is involved with at CHTS.


Mike Olson has been a Massage Therapist, and a Personal Trainer for many years and is very well established and respected in what he does currently to assist others.  He wanted to continue expanding his skill set and have more services available to his same base of customers and sought out hypnotherapy.  He graduated in the Fall Course of trainings from CHTS.  See what he has to say about his involvements.


Toni Bailey explains how Positive Mind Mangement has changed hers and her families lives.

 She is now a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and discusses how she is assisting her clients as well.


Jana Call is a massage therapist and energy practitioner.  See how she feel about adding clinical hypnotherapy to her pratice.


Marrianne Murdoch is a teacher and entrapenuer who now incorporates clinical hypnotehrapy in all she does, especially with her family.


Patti Allen has been an Administrative Director at a private mental health agency, a Probation Officer, and a Facilator of Non-Violence classes for those charged with domestic violence.  Learn here what she has to say about CHTS and hypnotherapy.


Shelly Walstrom is an entrepenur business owner, weight management coach, personal fitness trainer, and wife and mother.  See what Shelly has to say about her experiences here.


Payton Bailey is just out of high school and starting her career as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist to work her way through college.  See what Payton has to say about her experiences here.


Here are some comments from a 2012 Spring class and Deanne Smith, a school district phycologist.  See what see has to say about hypnotherapy taught at CHTS as compared to her phycology methods.  CHTS teaches uniques protocols of Positive Mind Management for children that are cutting edge behavioral modification techniques that really work and work with immediate improvements and results in most all cases.


Dennis was a student 28 years ago.  Here he explains why and how he became a hypnotherapist.


John Boatright is a retired youth corrections officer.  

He is now a practicing Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

Learn what he has to say about his experiences with hypnotherapy for modifying behaviors.


Read What Our CHTS Students Are Saying                                             Read What Our Clients Are Saying

Student - Video Testimonials and Stories                                                Client - Video Testiomonials and Stories


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