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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - And get started with the Online Portion of the Training Anytime! Then Join In the Live Classes Too! CHTS courses are taught as a series of four sections: Orientation & Hypnosis - Suggestion Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnotherapy - Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy. This series is taught throughout the year. You may …
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We Can Know and Understand Our Personal Truths Utilizing Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy!

A test of questions doesn't’t have to be taken to indicate this, that, or the other, may be the root of a behavioral issue. We simply induce a certain level of Trance, wherein you have access to Conscious and Sub-Conscious functions at one and the same time. We can then appropriately ask your heart, mind, spirit, or intelligence, whatever you wish to call it, what sensitizing experience in your life, and your interpretations of it, is still binding you down, holding you back, and keeping your from being all you want to be?

The subconscious mind always knows and reveals the answers, breaking the hidden knowledge barriers, amnesia and denials, which we may have employed for years. Then we work directly with what is, and not with what someone else might think it could be. The “Secret” then to the many Benefits and the Wonderful Successes enjoyed from Trance Hypnotherapy is that Every Sensory Perception, Every Touch, Every Smell, Every Sound and Conversation, Everything we have ever seen and viewed, is all stored in our Sub-Conscious Mind. “It’s all In There”, and can be Accessed through Trance. This access gives us knowledge of our deepest beliefs.

Our Personal Truths are our current Predominant Belief System Thoughts! We have created these thoughts ourselves from our life’s experiences and stimulus’s, or accepted statements and judgments from ourselves or others. These “Personal Truths” may contain misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and misinformation. They may in fact not be true at all, as we may have accepted lies about ourselves, such as, “I am not good enough to ever do that…. “! Our behaviors and habits, good or ill, are being generated from these belief thoughts. Trance slows down these thought patterns and processes, allowing for the discernment of one thought and belief at a time. This reveals these thoughts to the individual themselves, bringing them to conscious awareness, where they can be challenged and changed as appropriate for the individual themselves, as directed by themselves.

Again, utilizing trance breaks our barriers of amnesia and denial (critical factor by-passed) to knowing and understanding our personal truths or beliefs. We can know and understand our limiting beliefs, and challenge and change them, thus changing our behaviors and habits. But, first we must know what they are, and have understanding of the real roots of our maladaptive behaviors, in order to challenge and change them, giving power back to our conscience mind, the seat of our power of agency and choice.

Should you pursue this path of being a Hypnotherapist, you will find it personally challenging at first as to be a good therapist you must understand it from a personal basis, meaning you are willing to do your own work first, accomplish your own inner healing. Then you will know how to utilize these concepts and principles to assist others. This emphasis on “Continuous Personal Improvement, Growth, and Learning through Your Own Hypnotherapy” separates us from other schools of Hypnotherapy. We will teach you the Fundamental Techniques, Advanced Methods, and the various forms of what is being labeled hypnotherapy, but Certified Hypnotherapy Training School expects you, as the student, to not only learn the classroom instruction and materials, but know what goes on inside the minds of clients, having personally experienced trance and therapeutic techniques at the various trance levels yourself accomplishing your own inner healing. School is a time of personal inner preparation as well as learning.

You will Be Competent! – Be Confident! – Be Effective!  Ready to go out and immediately begin your practice at the level of your understanding, skills, and abilities, because by the time you have finished the courses, you will know, that you know, what you know and are to be doing as a Certified Hypnotherapist or Clinical Hypnotherapist.  You will also understand what potential clients to refer, because you are not ready for a particular situation yet.  In other words you will be a Professional in Hypnotherapy.  If you were to pay for 300 hours of therapy, it would cost between $12,000.00 -$16,000.00 on average.  You can get your inner healing work done during the school, and come out with your Hypnotherapy certificate as well, for just over a fourth of the cost of the therapy.

We look forward to participating in your personal growth and watching as your Hypnotherapy practice develops over the coming years. We are committed to “Your Successes”.  

There are parts to your hypnotherapy experience:

1 –  You will learn Positive Mind Management Skills and Tools that will have you in control of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in just a few sessions. You will Intrapersonal communications between your conscious and subconscious minds and how to direct yourself correctly for success.

2 - You will learn the Critical Factor Filter Bounce.  You will have the ability to manage your mind on the conscious side of your mind, at will.  This gives you the ability to control unwanted temptations and negative emotions, shutting down unwanted behaviors.

3 - Individual Age Regression and you will experience the Hypno therapeutic Benefits of Age Regression Therapy for discovery, challenging and changing your behaviors. We will discuss Emotional Content and Desensitizing Techniques and Methods as you may experience emotional release, and will be given post hypnotic control methods. 

We will teach you how to desensitize your imagination, which drives strong emotional content in many cases, and you will be taught how to develop a system of “impulse control” that works for you.  You will experience these processes and receive the therapeutic benefits, several times during sessions. You will be empowered to continue using these newly learned skills for life.

4 - The goal is to have you become Clear and Free Minded, free of past sensitizing events and do your personal problem solving.  This may take 4 – 6, 1-1/2 – 2 hour sessions, to modify, challenge, and change self-limiting beliefs, overcome self-defeating habits, or conquer maladaptive behaviors.  However, most single behavioral modifications are accomplished in just 1 – 2 sessions, with ongoing Cd Listening and Predominant Thought Reinforcement Programming and Process Maintenance.

5 – Learn our proprietary system of “Positive Mind Management” trainings and develop personal mental skills that will give you the tools required to be self-sustained in your behavioral modifications and goal achievements.

You are to learn how to be your own Best Behavioral Therapist, as you persist in your practice of the skills being taught. This investment in yourself will pay dividends for the rest of your life, in personal productivity, stress relief and the peace of mind you will enjoy.  The life changing principles and skills taught in “Spiritual Mind Management” trainings make it possible for us to fulfill our dreams and goals, giving us the motivation to act and move forward overcoming procrastination and excuses for failure.

You will enjoy the changes you make in your life and the improvement in you attitudes and outlook of the future. You will experience going from being a victim of some of your life’s experiences to being a thriving survivor.  Should you want to know how this works in advance, Dennis has written his personal experience with hypnotherapy of when he first went in for sessions.  Reading his story may enlighten you as to some of the processes and the results you can expect to receive. We understand the processes and will work with you through them, because we learned them first ourselves, from the inside-out.

Dennis’ personal story: “It’s all in there!”