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Client - Video Testimonials and Stories

Calleigh’s Mother Susan,   (Calleigh is ten years old.)

Dennis, I am writing to give you an update on my daughter Calleigh, who you worked with last week.  First some background, Calleigh has always been a worried, stressed out child.  She has had a lot of fears, mostly irrational ones, like water dripping, loud sounds and swings swinging in the wind.  As she has gotten older, they've mostly turned into rational fears and an extreme need to know where her younger siblings are at all times.  The past few years her bad dreams have gotten worse to where she was having nightmares every night.  I could tell she was just so wrapped up in her emotions, she couldn't really focus on anything else.  In social situations she would either shut down or have a panic attack (usually depending on whether there was loud music or not).  She was very self- conscious and would rather die than talk to people. 

So, this is the girl we brought you last week.  During the session you taught her simple ways to control her mind and 'turn down' those fears.  And then as she was brought into consciousness, there was a real change in her eyes.  I felt like I was seeing her and not just her emotions.  On the way home that evening she was noticing things that she had never noticed before like how the pavement can sometimes sparkle in the street lights.  We stopped at Sonic to get some dinner on our long drive home and we were waiting outside for over 20 minutes after we had placed our order.  I made a comment about how maybe they had forgotten us.  Before I knew what was happening Calleigh had opened the back door and said:  "I'll go talk to them, do I just go inside?". 

As her dad and I sat in amazement, she went inside and asked them about our food.  She came back out and announced:  "They'll be out in a minute."  You just have to realize what a contrast that was for us!  This is a girl who would have never considered 1) going into an unknown situation and 2) speaking up for herself.  That's when we knew that real change had occurred.  In the week following her appointment, she hasn't had a single bad dream.  She has continued to use the skills you taught her.  She has even tried to teach them to her 6-year-old sister!  She says school is about the same, but it doesn't bother her anymore.  She is just stronger and more able to deal with her classmates.  I see her coming home each day happier than she's been in a long time.  My niece Leann, who is training with you, has continued to talk with her and has given her some assignments.  I am just so glad she is learning these things so early in life.  I was really concerned about her navigating high school and adulthood with her old patterns.  Thank you for changing our lives!


p.s. I have a nephew who is coming home early from his mission.  None of us knows why yet.  I have sent your info to my brother but I don't know if they'll do anything about it.  I don't know how much to push or even what your availability is.  I would love to have you work with him!  

You can watch the actual Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Session with  Callleigh here

as Dennis De-hypnotizes her and guides her back to full consciousness.


Dear Mr. Parker,

Thank you so much for helping me with some of my problems. I think that it was a wonderful experience for me. I have noticed a change in the way that I approach things at school, like for instance, there is a girl at school who has said some awful things to me. So, after I came home from hypnotherapy, she said some more rude things to me and instead of getting upset I asked her if there was anything that was bothering her. To my surprise she calmed down and answered "yes, there is." then I asked "what is it then?" Then she explained that she lives with her grandparents and that her grandfather had cancer in his lungs and he was going to be operated on in the afternoon so she was starting to get super scared. So, after that I decided to hang out with her for a while and I found out that she really is a sweet girl it's just that when she gets angry, scared, or afraid and that is the message we get. I also realized that's how it is with all of us and that's fine it's just that we need to learn how to control that and that thanks to you I'm learning how to develop that skill.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I've slept so well for the past week and the last time I had a bad dream I was able to turn it down and go back to sleep. I honestly don't think that I've slept so good in at least three or four solid months! I've learned so much from you and know what I want to be when I grow up: a Hypnotherapist! 😉👏👏                                                                                                                                                                            




Meet Wendy - She learned Mind Management when she was 18 years old.

 Listen to how it has helped her over the years.


Listen to Fred's story of overcoming past negative feelings toward a parent

and how mind management is working for him.


Listen to Daryl's story of how Mind Management helped him to prosper.


Here is a youth, a 15 year old girl, who was emotionally desensitized from traumatic experiences with Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy. See what she has to say about her experiences with hypnotherapy.  Learn how she feels now in contrast to the way she felt when she first came in for her hypnotherapy sessions.


John Harmer of the Lighted Candle Society which has been fighting Pornography for 50 years

has this to say about Dennis and Positive Mind Management for overcoming the influences

and effects of pornography.


John Hollingshead of the Lighted Candle Society and as a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has this to say about Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy and the results he has experienced himself, and the success Members have enjoyed as he has sent them for Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy.  


Listen to a clients comments on using Positive Mind Management who is now in control of pornographic influences, and learn how he is doing it.


Medical Retreat Participants: See what participants thought about a retreat where Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy was accomplished with multiple people at the same time. This was with a group of medical professionals from the Advanced Health Clinic, in Farmington, Utah.


Young mother of three children; Chaunte did several sessions of Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy and learned to control here imagination and her fears.  She went on to learn pain control and also delivered her last child pain free with self-hypnosis as the only pain control method. She learned all of this in just six sessions of hypnotherapy with Dennis.


Brent: his struggles and successes with weight loss.  He tells his story here:




Stories of two different LDS Missionaries.  Cade received Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy Training and Sessions before going on his mission and Addison received them when he came home early from his mission due to emotional issues. See what they both have to say about their experiences with Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy as taught at CHTS.



Read What Our CHTS Students Are Saying                                             Read What Our Clients Are Saying

Student - Video Testimonials and Stories                                                Client - Video Testimonials and Stories


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