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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - And see why Certified Hypnotherapy Training School (CHTS) is the Best Choice for your Clinical Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapist Competency, and might be the best choice for you. We are about Certified CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST COMPETENCY! You will be successful at assisting others in their personal BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATIONS and NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL ISSUES with our POSITIVE MIND MANAGEMENT HYPNOTHERAPY TECHNIQUES AND PROTOCOLS UTILIZED AS NEW MENTAL SKILLS AND TOOLS that …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - And get started with the Online Portion of the Training Anytime! Then Join In the Live Classes Too! CHTS courses are taught as a series of four sections: Orientation & Hypnosis - Suggestion Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnotherapy - Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy. This series is taught throughout the year. You may …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and Learn Why and How CHTS is a Leader in Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainings. Our new and innovative Positive Mind Management Hypnotherapy is state-of-the-art mental skills training especially for youth and children. We are known for the quality and effectiveness of our Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Trainings. You will be: Competent, Effective, and Confident, as a hypnotherapist as you …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - Enjoy Our Live Fully Interactive Broadcasts of the same Trainings and Case Study Sessions that are taught at Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farmington, Utah! Register today, and join in the current series in progress, receive access to the School Video Library (over 1,200 hours of hypnosis training and sessions to review and learn from). We make it about competency, not hours) …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE - Psychologist,, Counselors Teachers, Coaches, and Administrators, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Foot Zone Practitioners, and Others, CEO’s, Executives, Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives, Clergy, Parents and Grandparents, and Young Adult Leaders! Hypnotherapy training courses you will receive here are so valuable because they enhance any kind of profession where you have responsibility to …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and learn that as a non-certifying student you will still learn our advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy skills and tools. You will know how to enhance your current career as the change agent in your organization, the go to person, and the one who knows how to influence people and get things done! Or as a Parent or Grandparent use these tremendous skills in behavior modification to help your family and friends, to …
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and Receive Your Full 101- 601 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Trainings at a 10% Prepaid Discount Rate and Save $600…
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CLICK ON THIS PICTURE and register for 10 free hours of hypnotherapy trainings. Attend either online or at the school in Farmington, Utah. Everything we have been putting on the website is so that you can make an educated decision. Live attendance is one of the very best ways to do so. We are very happy to have you join us for several classes and fully participate. You will then know for sure if this is right for you. Please join us by registering here …
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CHTS - The Best Clinical Hypnotherapy

& Positive Mind Management

Because CHTS is about student competency and effectiveness with clients, our courses will make you the leading Hypnotherapist in your area!  We want you to represent yourself well as a hypnotherapist, represent hypnotherapy well with client effectiveness, and represent our school well as a student of Certified Hypnotherapy Training School.  Therefore, you will be instructed in the latest hypnosis techniques and methods, participate in live demonstrations, and personally practice, the latest techniques of: Suggestion Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy training. See Brief Descriptions of each catagory below:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy Training

This is what most schools of hypnotherapy teach as the main method of hypnotherapy, and some even call it clinical hypnotherapy and never move beyond it.  These processes involve the induction of trance and then incorporate affirmations, auto-suggestions, metaphors, stories, scripts, and guided imagery to affect changes in predominant thought behavioral producing beliefs.  While they are effective in many cases they are not considered as potent in making permanent change as when combined appropriately with Clinical Hypnotherapy processes.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

We will instruct you in new and innovative age regression hypnotherapy techniques that get to the root of behavioral issues and give clients rock solid results. You will understand the inductive and deductive processes of behavioral development and modification. You will be able to assist clients in emotional releases that are cleansing and freeing.  You will learn our unique methods of Gestalt Hypnotherapy for many purposes in challenging and changing inappropriate beliefs and habits.  You will learn the latest and most effective protocols of pain control for both acute and chronic pain management.

Spiritual Mind Management (Is being Re-Branded to Posiitive Mind Management Hypnotherapy) Hypnotherapy Training

The understanding of the functioning of our spiritual mind that controls the brain has been observed learning for Dennis for two and one half decades.  He has recently decided to teach this powerful information to the public in general and has put the information in his new book called “Spiritual Mind Management”.  He now wants to teach and assist as many people as he can to manage their minds and eliminate useless “Mind Chatter”.  Students and clients learn to desensitize their amplified their imaginations, alter the perceptions of their memories, which then collapses old emotional content immediately, at their will and choice to do so.  You will want to know how to manage your thought processes for more positive goal achieving outcomes utilizing “Spiritual Mind Management”!